These photos were taken in 1999 of Baby relaxing in the bathroom
with a sound machine running that sounds like running water.
Moluccan Cockatoo Sleeping Baby Picture
We don't know what it is about the sound of rushing water -
or something similar - but it really seems soothing to the birds.

Moluccan Cockatoo Baby Picture
A good sound machine that sounds like rushing water
helps block outside noise so they can sleep well.

Moluccan Cockatoo Baby Picture
If you live in a dry climate, consider having a way to make
the air in your home more humid for your birds so they
don't feel as itchy. A bit of humidity also helps with dander.

Moluccan Cockatoo Baby Picture
Some people are sensitive to bird dander, and wind up
giving their birds up because of it. However, there are
many ways to combat allergies so you can keep your bird.

Considering an Ionic "air cleaner"? Please read THIS first!

We were lucky enough to get an IQair unit as a Holiday Gift.
We realize it's a pricey unit, but there are cheaper alternatives.
Read about turning a regular box fan into an air filter HERE.

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