Parrot Harness Tutorial

parrot harness
Our M2 was chewing on the lead,
so I added this small dog chain collar.
However, I found later that she didn't like
the weight of it, so I've removed it.

parrot harness
I laid it out to show how it naturally sits,
but in this picture I've started to bring
the part used to create the loop around
the neck closer to where it connects.

parrot harness
Here you can see where it connects
and forms the loop for the neck.

parrot harness
My lovely assistant will help me demonstrate.
Since our M2 is flighted, we usually put the
cross area (that the lead is connected to)
on her chest.

parrot harness
Since the neck loop is already created,
it can simply be put over her head.

parrot harness
Now the harness is sitting on the bird
and you can work with the other connections.

parrot harness
Here's a view from the back.
Next we'll get these connected under the wings.

parrot harness
I lift up each wing and set them underneath
the wings, making sure they're not twisted.

parrot harness
Here's a view after the
straps are under the wings.

parrot harness
Now the strap is connected to the cross area.

parrot harness
This is the front view once both
underwing straps have been connected.

parrot harness
This is the back view of the harness.

When you remove the harness
you'll have to unclip everything.
Before it's put away,
clip the neck loop back together.
Next time you go to use it,
you just slip the neck loop on
and only have to connect
the clips around the wings.


Here we'll show how to put it
together so the lead can
be attached on the back.

parrot harness
Put the harness over the bird's head
once you've made the collar loop.

parrot harness
Simply turn the harness around so the cross
area is on the back instead of the chest.

parrot harness
You can leave this lying on top of the wings...

parrot harness
OR tuck it in underneath the wings like this.

parrot harness
You'll have to locate the clip hanging
from the front bottom and bring it
up under the wing to connect it to
the cross part on the bird's back.

parrot harness
After you connect the first one,
do the other the same way.

parrot harness
This is the back view when it's done.

parrot harness
This is the front view when it's done.

I hope everyone takes the time to view BoBo's video. This Moluccan Cockatoo had a very difficult life. It is my hope that this video will bring awareness about the growing parrot overpopulation problem. And prompt people to make donations toward the conservation of their native lands so they can live on. The Indonesian Parrot Project is one such organization worthy of your help. Please donate.

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