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Veterinary Pet Insurance: "VPI will help you afford expensive veterinary treatments and surgeries so your pet can have the best care. Visit for an instant free online quote!"

MyToos.Com: If you adore cockatoos and are considering adding one to your home, I urge you to visit this site. There is a soundfile on the opening page of two Moluccans. It's quite loud so be sure you're ready for it! If you welcome birdie noise, turn up your volume!

Bird Hotline: Your World Wide Lost & Found for Birds. "We're Here When You Need Us"

World Parrot Trust: The Charity Funding Projects and Promoting Excellence in Parrot Conservation and Welfare

Avian Welfare Organization: This web site is designed to serve the media, animal welfare community, and public as an educational resource and information center about the issues faced by captive birds.

Avian Rescue Network: The Avian Rescue Network is a resource for owners, individuals and rescues to work together for a common cause... To Save the Lives of Our Avian Friends in Captivity Within a Peer Network of Mutual Support.

911 Parrot Alert: International Database for Lost & Found Birds

Noah's Wish: So many animals were left behind and lost during Katrina. Some lost their homes and owners forever, but there is hope that many will still be reunited with their loved ones yet. We sincerely hope that this catastrophe will bring the importance of pet-friendly evacuation options to the forefront so in the future this type of pet-related disaster will not happen again!

The Rainforest Site: Clicking on this link will take you to a site where you can click on a button for FREE to help save rainforests. After doing so, scroll down the page a small bit and you will find other buttons to click for various causes, also FREE to click. We visit this site daily to help and we urge you to also. It's so easy to just click those buttons!

Avian Accents Cages: Furniture Quality Beauty & Styling, Unparalleled Safety & Comfort, Impeccable Strength & Durability - All of our bird cages are designed with an unparalleled quality and superior workmanship by skilled craftsmen with years of experience. We only use state of the art woodworking equipment in our own shop, so we can ensure you receive the highest quality product at a reasonable price.

Lola's For Pets: "We offer a variety of handmade accessories for your extra special pet."

Pet Sock Monster: "The Toy That Plays Back! Give your pet what they would get from another pet... With a little help from you, your Pet Sock Monster provides endless hours of playtime, affection & exercise. Great for use while reading or watching TV!"

The Parrot Playground: On slowik-online will not only provide background information, but also deep impressions in the parrots attitude. From the nutrition to pictures and sound recordings of Anni and Robby the grey parrots and Yogi the bare eyed Kakadu.

Air Purifiers - Try their medical grade air purifier to remove 99.7% of all indoor polutants. Breathe cleaner air...

Dog & Cat Names: Suggestions for naming your new or newly adopted pet. Cat and dog names based on color, gender, country of origin and other categories.

Pet Portrait Artist: "I am a professional pet portraits artist, established in the UK for over 13 years. I specialise in highly detailed, traditionally hand painted, custom pet portraits of dogs, cats & horses accepting comissions worldwide."

BFBS Online: "Welcome to the Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society website!"

Pet Of The Day: Honors people's pets for a day! Very special!! Look for Baby on May 11, 1999 and Sammy on December 2, 2002

Dolly's Room: Dolly is a Hahn's Macaw who lives in Japan!

Fluffies: Parrot Care and Parrot Picture Pages.

BowBow the Cockatoo: She was a real love of a Cockatoo. She lived a Life of 28 years. We now know she has passed over the Rainbow bridge and is happily soaring high in Heaven. She will be greatly missed.

Peaches the Cockatoo: You won't believe this! The mother of all Web Pages! Check it out!

Fine Pet ID Tags: Pet ID Tags, Dog ID Tags, Cat ID Tags for Pets

Pet Portraits by Cherie: "Photographs just can't do justice to our loyal, beloved pets. That's why artist Cherie Vergos offers you affordable pet portraits drawn just for you from your favorite photo."

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