These were taken out the birdroom window.

Our birds just love to watch them!

Quaker Parrots are cutie pies! They're also known as Quaker Parakeets or Monk Parakeets. They, like the other kind of parakeets (aka Budgies or Budgerigars) are birds. But regular parakeets and Quaker Parakeets are different because Quaker Parakeets are actually a type of parrot, while the Budgie parakeets are not parrots. You can find a wealth of information about them on Quakerville.

Before you start thinking about running out and getting a Quaker, you must know that they are illegal in some states. I am providing a couple of links for you to look over to find out what the statutes are in your area.
Are Quaker Parrots Legal In My State?
Where Can You Own A Quaker Parrot? (An Infographic)

We are fortunate to live in South Florida where we've seen flocks of feral Quaker Parrots. They build nests that aren't just nests, but are more like apartments - multi-dwellings! Unfortunately, Quakers like to build nests on big power poles sometimes, which is considered a nuisance to utility companies. There is a good way to handle things and a bad. Unfortunately, sometimes power companies choose the bad and harm the parrots instead of choosing a better alternative such as building platforms. Feral Quaker Parrots can thrive in climates you would never imagine possible for tropical birds. I'm including a few links that talk about feral Quakers.
Feral Quakers Information
Brooklyn Parrots

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