We would like to thank the McKane's and MyToos.
Thank all of you SO MUCH!! Sammy just LOVES his Avian Accents Cage!!!
April 26, 2004

Sammy says THANK YOU!!!

This is an Avian Accents cage, and we are ever-grateful to those mentioned above for giving us this cage. When we first brought this cage home, we had some safety concerns with it. Over time, we were contacted by Patti at Avian Accents to discuss these issues. We found that the cage we have is one of the very first models created by the Avian Accents company, and that the cages they make now have been upgraded many times over for safety issues, and therefore MUCH better. Avian Accents showed excellent customer service by initiating contact with us, and working to find a way to resolve our issues. I wanted to include what Patti had to say here because I believe this company has been through a lot, and made a lot of positive progress over the years.

"Thank you! We have listened to yur criticism, our customers have pushed us in the right direction. We have redesigned all of our older cages. Almost all of them now have slide out stainless steel grates and slide out pans just like our newer models. Some other newer features include: Laminated bottoms and shelves made from high pressure laminate, also known as Formica: not melamine. Full extension sldies and commercial casters. We started making furniture syle bird cages over 25 years ago, the people at Bird Talk magazine called us the Coca Cola of furniture style cages. It was something new, and was thought to be the best. But, everything evolves and the bird cages we make today ar infinitely better than the 1rst ones. As they say on TV, "this isn't your Grandama's oldsmobile". The powder coat products have improved even more with the advent of new non toxic epoxies and polyesters, the paint is virtually indestructible. I am sure after making thousands of cages and numereous employees we have dropped the ball now and then. Also, our shop burnt to the ground in the 90's and we had to start from scratch all over again. During that period of time we were rushing to get the shop rebuilt, equipment in and get the orders out that we had taken before the fire. It was a difficult time. And if the ball was dropped, that is prabably when it occurred. Like most people in business, all we ever want is a satisfied customer. For those of you that have concerns about the safety of our cages, we invite everyone to stop by our shop and inspect the cages for yourself. We know that is not always possible for everyone, so we have included a magnifier on our website so you can get close up looks at our quality and designs. We also put together a new DVD so you can see our cages in your own home, so plese call and order one. You will be impressed! We are sorry for anyone having problems with one of our cages, but after inspecting the cage upon arrival, if you are not completely satisfied, send it back!! We have never been more confident in our products than we are today. As we said, they are infinitely better than they were before. WE have a return rate of less than 1%, which is a much better record than a lot of businesses."

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