Greenwing Macaw
Greenwing Macaws can live 80-100 years, and often outlive
their owners in captivity. People sharing their lives with
these large and beautiful birds must consider preparing ahead
for the welfare of their long-lived feathered family.

Greenwing Macaw
Being that these large parrots are considered "exotic pets",
they must be seen by Avian Veterinarians, which is costly.
Some people get Veterinary Pet Insurance to help defray the costs.
Greenwing Macaw
It is essential for anyone with parrots as pets to practice
measures when they bring home a pet bird of any kind.
Greenwing Macaw
Often, there are not overt visual signs of illness in birds
because they mask illness as a form of protection in the wild.
Some illnesses, like PDD, are not even detectable with testing.

Greenwing Macaw
Do your homework and do your best to learn as much as you can
BEFORE you make the decision to have birds live with you in your home.
There is A LOT to know about sharing your life with birds.
Greenwing Macaw

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