While our birds are unclipped, we have set our household up expressly with our birds' safety in mind. They have their own room and are never left unattended to get into things. NEVER! They are kept in travel carriers when they're outdoors and travelling, and don't get taken out unless they're in an environment we've decided is safe for them. There is helpful information about freeflight parrots and wingclipping below.

Greenwing Macaw Parrot Flight Photo

Greenwing Macaw Parrot Flying Picture

Ultimately, Macaws belong flying free in the WILD!

Parrots Flight Picture

Wing clipping is an important and controversial issue, so we feel it's important to provide more information about it. Ultimately it is the individual owner's decision to make. Here are some links for you to visit explaining the Pros & Cons of freeflight, and some wing-clipping methods:

Project Bird Watch Library
Feathers, Flight and Parrot Keeping

"Feathers and flight have fascinated man for thousands of years. However, it is those feathers…the very things that fascinate us…that also frustrate us, since they bring us squarely at some point into having to make a decision. Do I clip this bird’s wings, or not?"

The purpose of NaturalBird is to promote the idea
of creating a life for captive birds that is as natural as possible.

Standardization of Wing Clipping for Psittacines

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